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Bliss Night-Time Bath Bombs with 100 mg CBD (6 oz)

     bliss       noun      quintessential happiness   Editor's Note Raise your evenings to a high...



     quintessential happiness


Editor's Note

Raise your evenings to a higher standard and unwind with scent. Create a fragrant ritual of lavender, lemon, orange, and eucalyptus to reconnect with your inner self.  Our Bliss bath bomb takes aromatherapy to the next level. Kaolin clay detoxifies your skin while coconut oil and broad-spectrum CBD infuse moisture.  Bliss quiets the mind and allows the heart to speak. 


Cannabissina Bliss Night-Time Bath Bombs come in four "Beach Cities"  fragrances inspired by our founder's travels to Sicily, El Nido, Monterey, and Paradise Island. 


Beach City Fragrances 


1. Journey to Monterey

Journey to Monterey recalls the warm and familiar presence of Eucalyptus woods in Monterey, California, throughout the long winter days along the Pacific Ocean. 

Base Note: Eucalyptus


2. Journey to Sicily

Journey to Sicily recalls the quintessence of Sicilian Beach City lifestyle, relaxing with a glass of Italian Lemon Spritz on a sunny terrace gently kissed by the warm summer breeze overlooking the beauty of the Meditteranean Sea.

Base Note: Italian Lemon


3. Journey to El Nido (coming soon) 

Home to around fifty of the finest and whitest sand beaches and blindingly blue sea, Journey to El Nido recalls that childhood home, that enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, where sweet dreams stayed with you after you woke and the mornings more fragrant than ever again.  

Base Note: Sandalwood


4. Journey to Paradise Island ( coming soon) 

Paradise Island recalls the first time you experienced magic.  Your feet touching the warm sand produced by the breakdown of coral reefs.  The sky and shallow water meet with the same color, and the tree most commonly associated with the Bahamas, the Coconut Palm, reminds you that paradise is not a place but a state of mind.

Base note: Coconut


Made in the USA 


1. Kaolin Clay

2. Coconut Oil

3. Italian Lemon Essential Oil

4. Lavender Essential Oil

5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil 

6. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract







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